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context.stats.loginsCount undefined



In my rules, I am often getting context.stats.loginsCount undefined. Also, user.logins_count is undefined but this seems to be expected. Viewing these users in the dashboard shows that loginsCount is valid and > 0. I also have a post-registration hook that sometimes fails to fire at all and I believe it might be related if it is using loginsCount as well.


Can you describe what authentication flow the Rule is running for, e.g. what endpoints you called, where you saw the error etc.


+1 This happens to me aswell…


+1 This happens to me aswell…


Depending on how you’re performing the authentication request the unavailability of the logins count may be a bug; check this answer to a similar question for two situations that exhibit that behavior. In my opinion it’s really a bug so I raised an issue internally, however, I’ll update that answer when I have more definitive information.