Consuming a service from another app

hi. I have two applications under same tennant. app A needs top consume the web service from app B. how can I authenticate user between my service and client? I need to be able to do that silently in C#. thank you.

Hello @nermin.tanovic !

This is typically achieved using an access token - For example, you might have a SPA application that a user authenticates to while using an audience of the web service (API in Auth0). Once the user has successfully authenticated, you would use this access token as a means to call your web service. Our architecture scenario documentation does a good job at providing a high level overview of this and other common architectures.

Once the user has authenticated and your app has an access token, as long as it’s valid you can use it to call your service. You might want to look into silent authentication to the least intrusive in terms of requiring user input as possible.

While I’m not sure .NET fits your use case or you’re using C# outside of any framework, Auth0 does offer a .NET SDK and there a handful of .NET libraries to validate access tokens available here.

Hope this helps!

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