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Consent Screen Explicit Opt-In for ToS/Privacy Policy



Hello All,

We currently have an interstitial page that requires explicit opt-in consent to our Terms of Service. We also have implicit consent elsewhere, but would like to simplify this all in the interest of transparency with regard to privacy, and also just one less step in the user onboard process.

We’d love to do this right on the OAuth2 consent screen; where it seems most appropriate – and ditch both our implicit consent and our explicit opt-in interstitial (say that three times real fast…). We’d REALLY like to do so before GDPR enforcement takes effect May 20, so we only have to make one set of changes once.

It doesn’t sound like this is possible, however, per

As of today the consent dialog UI cannot be customized or set to a custom domain. We plan to implement this in future releases.

That sounds pretty definitive, but I may be missing something - has anyone implemented a default-unchecked checkbox with link to Terms of Service on the consent dialog, or know how to do so?

Does anyone have a better workaround than an interstitial page, or other advice?

If neither, this is probably just a feature request, and curious if there are there others who would like this feature.

  • Tim


I did some checking internally, and we can’t seem to think of a better workaround than what you’re already doing. We have discussed in the past about adding this feature, but I don’t have anything definitive that I can give you.