Connection's display_name gets overwritten when it is updated

Problem statement

We have noticed that the connection’s display_name gets overwritten when the connection is Updated (PATCH request), even though we don’t pass the display_name field in the request.

The issue occurs while patching a connection through Management API, and I have been able to reproduce this issue with an OIDC connection.

I have performed the below operations:

  1. Update a connection - Update the display_name field to a new value
  2. Get a connection - The display_name is shown as Updated
  3. In the next operation, while updating a connection, pass the options parameter in the PATCH request without sending the display_name in the request. In the response, I can see that the display_name field gets changed, although I did not pass it in the request


When display_name is not provided in the request, we define it to match the name field. This is the expected behavior.