Connection to own database

Connection to own database.

We have the doubt with the legacy database. We want to import users that we have in another database, but that Auth0 will only be for login based on our own database and we want to know if Auth0 can be restricted from creating new accounts and if it can restrict password recovery, or in the case of password recovery, redirect to another page, so that they change the password in the main database and not on Auth0.


Auth0 provides a flexible authentication and authorization platform that can be integrated with your own database for user management. To import users from another database, you can leverage Auth0’s user import functionality or use custom database connections to connect directly to your existing database.

To restrict new account creation, you can disable self-signup in Auth0’s settings. This prevents users from registering directly through Auth0, ensuring that user creation is controlled solely through your own database.

For password recovery, Auth0 provides customizable email templates and the ability to configure custom password reset flows. You can redirect users to a specific page where they can change their password in your main database instead of using Auth0’s password recovery mechanism. By customizing the password reset flow, you can ensure that users interact with your own database for password changes and not Auth0.

By integrating Auth0 with your legacy database and configuring the appropriate settings and flows, you can restrict new account creation and control the password recovery process to align with your specific requirements.