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I have users who are members of Centrify and want to authorise them with SAML through thier Centrify SAML data. I have their .cer file and their meta-data xml file. How do i do that. I have looked at the identity providers in enterprise connections but Centrify are a not a provider. Can i still do it this way?

Hey there @john.howitt, I apologize for the delay in response.

One of our senior engineers just went through something similar with Centrify which I will share below.

In this situation you need to consider that when integrating a SAML identity provider (Centrify) within an Auth0 service the authentication process may be started in two ways:

  • started by the identity provider (Centrify), commonly referred to as IdP-Initiated SSO.
  • started by the service provider (Auth0), commonly referred to as SP-Initiated SSO.

In particular, within the connection settings for the respective SAML connection you’ll find a IdP-Initiated SSO tab where you’ll need to provide additional information. You can find reference documentation on how to configure this flow at ( .

Please note that as mentioned in the above documentation there may be security considerations related to IdP-Initiated SSO so please review that situation (additional information about possible risks can be found at

Let me know if there’s anything that I can clarify further or if you have follow-up questions and we can investigate together.

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