Connect mysql in azure from custom database with node.js

I’m trying to connect mysql in azure from custom database section, but get error:

“ER_HANDSHAKE_ERROR: Bad handshake”

It seems that need to set ssl:{} in connection option like below:

var connection = mysql.createConnection({
    host: '',
    port: '3306',
    user: 'user name',
    password: 'password',
    database: 'database  name',
    insecureAuth: true,
    ssl: {
         ca: fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/certs/cert.pem'),,
        //key: fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/certs/client-key.pem'),
        //cert: fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/certs/client-cert.pem')

But, how can I put the pem file into auth0? or any other way to solve this issue?

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To resolve this issue, you may hardcode the certificate by converting it into a string with \n (newline) on the Custom DB script and pass to

You may find a sample for a login script here.

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Thanks for sharing that knowledge Saltuk!