Complex api queries

I was wondering if anyone could help me understand how complex queries work with Auth0 a little bit better.

I am hoping to pull all the users that belong to an organization with the following query


But when I do I only get the information, name, email, and picture. Is there a way where I can pull a much more robust amount of information, something more akin to what is closer stored on the user entity?

Or do I have to then query every single user on that list to then provide more details to the front-end.

For context, I am creating a admin panel dashboard

Hey @FrankDurdin !

You can use the /api/v2/users endpoint’s search functionality to get users associated with a specific org_id - This will return a list of users with full profiles. A curl might look like:

curl -L 'https://{YOUR_TENANT}' \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_MANAGEMENT_API_TOKEN}'

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