Completely disable signup with existent email

The account linking extension has not been working well for us. It has lead to weird bugs. And the whole workflow is just confusing for our users. Even internal ones.

We want to completely disable sign up with an already existent email. Does anyone know how to achieve this? It surely sounds as a basic use case, but I couldn’t find any documentation about it.

Best regards

Hi @jcm,

Have you looked into using an Action to achieve this?

If that doesn’t do it, can you give an example of the behavior you are looking for.

I’m going to quote you:

It doesn’t seem possible using a hook/pre registration action due to the fact that these don’t run for any connections that are database connection

So, you tell me, is it possible?

According to that thread, it doesn’t seem possible. Looks like there are some suggestions in the nested thread, and a link to our feedback category.

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