Compilation failed: Cannot use import statement outside a module

I am having an issue with auth0 returning giving me a login error of “Cannot use import statement outside a module”.

For context im getting this error on both a react stack and a pure js stack. It seems to be related to the auth0 SDKs but i can’t seem to find a work around or anyone really talking about it. I haven’t made any major changes to the auth structure in the last two weeks, however when i went to run some tests on the app i am able to login but i get stuck in a loop of access denied and the above error.

Has anyone else encountered this or found a solution?

Hey there @ASpaceBere welcome to the community!

Thanks for the detailed description - The only time I’ve seen this come up is due to one’s Node/NPM environment:

ok, so i found a solution to this. basically the flow actions caused the problem.

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Ah, gotcha! Thanks for clarifying and glad you got this sorted :pray:

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