Communication between backend API and Auth0?

Hi all,
I am new to Auth0, but just had a general question.
For reference, I am a frontend developer. Here is some background on the project for context.

The project has a Python API which utilizes GraphQL and PostgreSQL DB for user data. We are using React for the front end (‘@auth0/auth0-react’ package). The Python API can throw various server errors (401, 412, 500, etc). However, it doesn’t appear that the Python API and Auth0 are communicating when these errors occur. For example, if I do not verify my email, the API will send a 412 error, but the ‘isAuthenticated’ value provided by the useAuth0 React hook returns true.

This is a rewrite of an older application which appears to have the front end be the source of truth in regards to a user being authenticated (managing its own ‘isAuthenticated’ and ‘isLoading’ state). This seems very wrong and a very large hassle managing the front end authentication.

Is it possible for the Python backend to communicate its various errors to Auth0 so the values that are passed via the useAuth0 React hook is the source of truth and we can stop managing our own authentication state?