Committing changes to Login page via Gitlab

Problem statement

I had a question in terms of the config in the GUI. Are those settings altered when a tenant deployment occurs? I’ve seen mixed results where a GUI setting didn’t change, but I feel we are under the impression that those settings in the configuration will get altered if not committed to our GitLab.

From my understanding, GUI changes like toggles and the like are not, but custom login code if done in the GUI and not committed to our pipeline, this will, in fact, be an issue. So, in those scenarios, we do want to commit those configuration changes.

Am I correct in this understanding? We also use GitLab, so I am aware of the GitLab CLI extension to help automate this, but I wanted to be clear on other GUI changes like toggles. Do we need to be mindful? Keep in mind we have four tenants in our pipeline, so if one developer makes a change in Dev, it would be nice for that toggle to flip on if the config code was in place once the pipeline kicked off, even if it’s a toggle switch. We’d want this continuity of this random toggle to be made in the GUI of the next respective pipeline. But I wanted to get your thoughts and/or suggestions.


We recommend that if you are making changes to tenant configuration using the GUI dashboard while using a CI/CD pipeline, perform an export and compare it with your current GitLab’s version of the configuration before making a deployment. Otherwise, those changes will be lost when you deploy from GitLab. The majority of toggle switches should be setting a boolean variable in your tenant’s configuration, and in some cases, these variables can have default values, so they may not be present until the switch has been toggled once.

The toggle switches should reflect the underlying code setting; however, if the deployment is run when a dashboard page is open, they will not update for the admin viewing that page until they refresh or they navigate away and back to the page with the switch on. If you are seeing otherwise, we can take a closer look into that.

If you are configuring a custom login page or extensibility code like Actions, then this will need to be committed to GitLab as it could be accidentally cleared otherwise.