Code Sample doen't work

I used the code sample of this link : React with React Router 6 (JavaScript) + Flask (Python) Code Sample: Basic Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Hello World Full-Stack App
I created the 2 app , i can login and visit the profile and public page , but for the protected and admin page i got error 401 unathorized. After this error i also sended the accessToken that i got from getAccessTokenSilently in the get request for the protected and admin resource and now i got bad credentials.

Hey there @battuto welcome to the community!

That’s good news you can at least log in and visit the unprotected routes - Are you positive you are both passing an audience param (this would be defined in your .env file) and that the user you are logging in with has the correct admin role/permissions?

If you would like to copy and paste an example access token into and share the decoded result here that could be helpful. Please just redact any information you don’t want to be public.

Hello tyf , sorry to bother you , but i recreated the 2 app and idk now the admin and protected page works fine. Now i have a problem i want to deploy it on Vercel the front-end works fine on it but i need a guide for using/deploy Flask on Vercel, do you have it ?

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