Clock in / Clock out

I’m developing an application that requires functionality like a factory clock in / clock out machine.

I need to know exactly when a user logged in (checked in) and logged out (checkout out).

Management needs to know at any one time who is active.

Can Auth0 endpoints like what’s mentioned in Where do I find how many active users I have? help with this use case?

I’m trying to avoid storing session information in my application, but I’m not sure auth0 suffices.

Many thanks!

Hi @hendry

Start with the tenant logs - these have login and logout entries. Then your log processing platform should be able to determine what you need.

This is an unusual use case, and you may find it doesn’t fit well. For starters, there is no “logout” for a session timeout. So you may not be able to determine when a user stopped.

If this is employee productivity, there are alternate approaches such as Prodoscore:



Thanks for helping on this one John!

So there is no event to say when a session has died basically?

Or is it expected to be managed by the application?

Hi @hendry

I am 99% sure there is no log event for session timeout, since it is a value stored in a cookie.

The application normally manages its own session, which is independent of the Auth0 session.