Clarifications on verification email docs

Hello Auth0

I’m looking for a few clarifications in regards to your docs on verification emails, but before I go into my questions, let me describe what my team is looking to accomplish.

Our goal is to prevent users from logging in when they have yet to verify their email and that we can programmatically send verification emails, ideally with a dynamic result_url. To note, we are using the “New Universal Login” experience which, similar to change password ticket, the verification email ticket does not appear to utilize the result_url param and is stated to only work in classic Universal Login. Additionally, Auth0 already automatically sends an email verification upon signup which clashes with how I was hoping to implement an action that issues the email verification ticket.

The docs I refer to at the start still reference the old “Rules” feature over the newer “Actions” feature. Additionally, the rules example does show how one can both prevent login as well as programmatically send an email verification which is great, but I fear that the flow itself might not work with respect to “new Universal Login”. With this, here are my clarifications I’m looking for:

  1. If we want to create an action that blocks access and sends a verification email (if one hasn’t been sent already) how do we prevent the one that is being automatically sent?
  2. I’m looking to confirm that the result_url does not work for “New Universal Login” and if so, that the “Continue” button after one verifies their email always goes to the “Tenant Login URI” configuration found under Settings → Advanced in the Auth0 dashboard.
  3. If #2 is true, is there any other solution for applying a dynamic result_url for verification emails? The hope was to be able to apply the original url the customer was attempting to navigate to as the result_url when creating the verification email ticket.

As a separate suggestion, I think it would be beneficial if there was a published date on the Auth0 docs that can hint to the relevance of the doc.


Bump. Any thoughts on this?

I followed up a bit myself on this.

First, it does appear that result_url works for Auth0 Management API v2 new universal login. To note, it did not for Auth0 Management API v2 which my original assumption was based on.

Second, after using the ticket process, I realized that it doesn’t leverage the Auth0 verification email template we’ve configured nor is an email automatically sent with the email provider we’ve configured. I gather that this requires our own custom emailing and ui for a full solution.

After realizing the second item, I looked around the API a bit more and found Auth0 Management API v2. This does utilize the email template and provider configured with Auth0. Unfortunately, this option does not offer a result_url type param. I believe if this endpoint offered it, this would solve our need.