checkSession() returning 'login required'

I am looking at Sam Julien’s example using the auth0.js library with NgRx here:

It mostly works for me, but unfortunately, the checkSession$ call always yields a ‘login_required’ error. I have only added my own configuration and have not changed the code other than that. As it is, I can’t hit refresh without being logged out, which I thought was one of the points of this checkSession().

I have noticed that there is nothing other than the isLoggedIn flag in local storage: should I expect to see a nonce in there too?

I don’t know what other details you might need, but I have been looking at this all day and am losing the plot. I have read most of the messages here around this issue but none helped. Please help!

Hey there @mark.norgate1!

I’ll add @sam.julien to the thread here so he can take a look at your hurdle once he’s online!

We figured this out on the Disqus comment section – turns out @mark.norgate1 was using dev social keys! :slight_smile:

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!