Changing Signing Algorithm for an Existing API


When managing the APIs in Auth0, some admins may encounter scenarios where they must modify the signing algorithm for an existing API. This option is not available directly from the Auth0 Dashboard UI. However, it is possible to achieve this by using the Auth0 Management API.

Applies To

  • APIs


To update the signing algorithm for the existing API, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Management API Update a Resource Server:
  • Specifically, use the PATCH /api/v2/resource-servers/{id} endpoint.
  • Replace the {id} with the API ID of the desired API. The API ID is in the Auth0 Dashboard under APIs > YOUR API > ID.
  1. Set the Signing Algorithm:
  • In the request body, include the following:
      "signing_alg": "HS256"
  • Replace HS256 with the desired algorithm (e.g., RS256).
  1. Test the Endpoint:
  • Click Test Endpoint to verify that the changes take effect.
  • It is highly recommended to test this and any other future changes in a non-production environment to ensure the alignment with specific requirements.