Changing ID token expiration value in dashboard not taking effect

In our application’s dashboard, changing the id token expiry from 86400 seconds to something like 300 seconds is not reflected when I view the logs coming thru from our mobile app after logging in–the expires_in value is still at 86400.

Am I misunderstanding the ID token expiration value?

@admdizon ,

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I did the following test regarding this query:

  1. set id token expiration to 30 seconds for an application.

  2. log in to the app and get the id_token

  3. check the token exp on, and it shows the correct expiration time.


The expires_in is the expiration time of the access token. This article explains how to update the expiration time of the access token in case that is what you are trying to achieve.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for clarifying this!

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