Access token expiry

The access token expiry is still long even after changing the time to 600 sec on the portal.
“exp”: 1709215939.

Hi @sellochrismodise,

The expiration time you shared is in GMT date and time.

To verify that your access token expiration is set for 600 seconds, you can perform the following calculation:

  • Token expiration (in seconds) = exp (Expiration time in seconds) - iat (Issued at in seconds)

The token expiration time should match the value you set in your token settings.

(Reference: Change expiration Time of access token - #3 by rueben.tiow)


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Hi Rueben thanks for the response I managed to find the expiration time and set it correctly thanks. However my issue is that I am using the auth0 httpintercepter and for some reason it keeps creating new tokens on every api request. I want to be able to redirect to login after token expiration.

Hi @sellochrismodise,

The AuthHttpInterceptor is used to attach access tokens to outgoing requests.

Therefore, you must select which requests to attach the access token to in the SDK config.

For an example, I suggest referring to our Auth0 Angular - Call an API example.


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