Change wording for scope "access to email"

When I ask for the email address in scope during authentication I get the following message:

Hi, XYZ is requesting access to your XYZ account
Profile: access to your email and profile

Is there any way to change this to say “access to your email address”? Right now it looks like we’re asking for access to a user’s email, rather than just their address.

At this time that would be a no; the possibility to customize the consent dialog is something already being tracked in our backlog, but I don’t have any information to share about a definitive date for its availability.

For now, it’s possible to configure it in such way that the consent screen is not shown/bypassed during the initial authentication/authorization, however, if you want to show it then for now it’s not possible to customize it.

Thanks, I see you can turn it off in the API settings.

(Looks like the “link” button doesn’t work in the forum editor.)