Change user from social login to database login

How do I change a user who established their account using a social identity provider but now wishes their account to be changed to email/database login?

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Have you looked into account linking? This feature allows a user to log in as social or DB and their accounts will be linked.

In this case the user decided they didn’t want social login and instead preferred database login. And while account linking could be a workaround, we were looking for a solution that could be done from the Auth0 dashboard or otherwise didn’t require custom implementation effort on our part.

We don’t currently support a UI feature that would allow you to convert a user from social to database.

Exactly what information would you like to move from their social profile to the db profile?

The user just reported they had changed their mind about login method and preferred to login by creating a database account rather than using their LinkedIn account. Asked how this could be done or if we could make this change manually if they couldn’t do it themselves. So no information in particular needs moving. As a workaround, we had the user create a new account entirely and then pointed the user’s profile in our application to the new auth0 account.

Glad you were able to resolve it! Is there a specific question that I can help answer?

I think you answered the question: it’s not possible to switch the user’s login method via the Auth0 dashboard. So I guess just note this as a feature request because it would be useful for us, thanks.

You can create an official feature request for it here. Thanks for providing your feedback!

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