Link Database Login & Social Login with Different Emails

I have a user link corner case question. What if a user logs in with an email, call it EMAIL1, and then wants to login next time using a social network but that email is EMAIL2. Can I somehow link these two accounts by either having the user with EMAIL1 reconnect to the social network while logged in as EMAIL1 or vice versa? Or should I assume all hope is lost and the user should select one of the two user profiles.

To shine more light on the problem, I would prefer users log in using LinkedIn but I don’t want to scare users away thinking I am accessing private information, which is why I want to include the Database option. But ultimately to get the most out of the product the user needs to connect their LinkedIn profile and I am worried they might have used an email that isn’t the same as the LinkedIn profile email.


Hi @Samaral , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

You should be able to achieve this with Account Linking. There are a couple of scenarios for account linking - Suggest account linking (which would look at matching the two emails and link profiles that way) or User-Initiated Account Linking, this would allow the user to make the decision to link another account such as from a profile page in your application.
Since the emails are different, you would need to look at the User-Initiated Linking for this use case. Please review the information on the pages linked above, hope this helps, thanks!

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