Change autocomplete attribute to email from username to prevent regular word autocompletion on iOS

Feature: The autocomplete attribute on the login field in the Auth0 provided form is set to username instead of email.

Description: On mobile devices the login and registration form tries to auto-complete to natural words even though the field is expected to take an e-mail address. There seems to be no way to set the auto completion attribute to email (which is a supported value according to the spec).
If it is possible, I would like to change the autocomplete attribute to email. This way when a user clicks that text field, rather than being prompted random words to auto fill, they would be prompted with email addresses that they used before. The below screenshots show the behavior on iOS and the other shows the attributes in the DOM where email / username are mixed up and not consistently set.

Use-case: We are using Auth0 to authenticate and register for our SaaS application.

Hey there!

Thank you a lot for creating this feedback card! I really hope there are gonna be other advocates in the forum also voting for that improvement.