Certificate is rolled back while editing SAML connection

Problem Statement

When deleting and replacing a new certificate for a SAML connection, going to another tab (like Login Experience or Applications) and then coming back to the settings tab, after hitting Save, the old certificate that was deleted reappears for the connection.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open an existing SAML connection.
  2. Delete the existing certificate.
  3. Select a new certificate.
  4. Save connection.
  5. Switch to the Applications tab.
  6. Switch back to the Settings tab.
  7. Save again or reload the page.
  8. You should see that the certificate was rolled back to the original one.


Our engineering team found an issue where switching tabs after saving a new certificate for a SAML connection causes some inconsistencies with the certificate that is saved if you switch back to the settings tab and save the connection again. It will sometimes roll back and display the previous cert. They believe this may be caused by a mix of issues where the other tabs still have an out-of-date cert in the connection.


We have a backlog item in to address this issue. But the workaround for the moment would be to avoid going to other tabs immediately after replacing the certificate and just exit out of the Dashboard to be safe.