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Can't recreate a connection with the same name as one I deleted



I was having some trouble configuring a connection for a customer. I named the connection “Fox” and in the process of debugging noticed I had given the customer the connection name of “Fox”. Thinking this might be a case sensitivity issue, I delete the existing connection without turning it off in the Application it was connected to. Now in trying to recreate it, the Auth0 says I can’t because there is already a connection with that name.

Additional Data:

Is this connection being set up for first time or did it work before and then stopped working?
delete a new connection in the process of trouble shooting. Now it won’t let me create one with the same name.

Does the problem affect all users or just some?

Does the problem always occur for impacted users or just sometimes?

Is Auth0 serving as a SAML Service Provider, Identity Provider or both?
Sevice Provider

Is this SP-initiated, IDP-initiated flow or both?
neither yet

Please run the AD/LDAP connector troubleshooter and attach the exported file to the ticket. Instructions for running the troubleshooter here.
can’t the, connection does not exist yet


:wave: @sshah were you able to recreate the connection?

Did you delete this connection using Management API (/api/v2/connections/{id} endpoint) or in the dashboard?


Turned out it was a case issue. I had capitalized one of the connections.


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