Cannot uninstall Auth0 Logs To Datadog

I wanted to push my Auth0 logs into Datadog using this custom extension:
Since I made a mistake when setting it up, I tried removing it from Auth0 again. Sadly that seems not to work out. The extension simply stays in place. I can also not reinstall it, since the system says it is already installed. Any advice how to remove it for good, would be very welcome.

Thank you,


Hey there Frank!

Let me confirm that for you and get back to you soon regarding that!

It seems like we don’t have an official custom extension for DataDog developed by Auth0. Can you tell me the steps you took to remove the extension? Cause I guess you followed the README file in the repo to create the extension

Hi Konrad,
thanks for coming back to me. To install the extension I followed the “Create Extension” flow in your service. In order to remove it again, I did click the trash bin icon on the extension page on the right of the particular “Auth0 Logs To Datadog” extension.
After clicking a popup message shows and asks me to confirm the deinstallation. After refreshing the page though, the extension seems to be still in place.

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Thanks for providing that context. I will explore that and get back to you soon! It will be great if you can send me your tenant name as well via private message. Thank you!

Thank you. What’s the best way to send a pm to you?

You can click on my avatar and then simply message me using the button with envelope.

I am having very same problem too.

Is there a solution for this? I’m also having the same issue.

Hey there everyone!

Sorry for the delay! The internal request I submitted is still being investigated I will let you know once I get any info back. Thank you!

I just got the info back from the team and they just released a patch for the extensions gallery to fix this issue. Could you please give it guys another try?

Hi Konrad, I can confirm that I did succesfully uninstall the extension now.
Thank you for your help.
Going forward I will try to install it again and make it actually work.

Cheers Frank

Thanks a lot! Glad I was able to help!