Cannot read property 'refreshToken' of undefined

![alt text][1]

Hi all,

I’m trying to refresh my id_token with angular-lock-2 and lock 10, and am signing in with:{ auth: { params: { scope: ‘openid offline_access’, device: ‘kek’ } } });

And listening for the event and, once the event is triggered, storing some data with angular store

lock.on(‘hash_parsed’, function (authResult) { if (!authResult) { $state.go(‘login’); return; }…

But when I try to call auth.refreshIdToken(refreshToken) with a valid refreshToken, I get the error as per screenshot attached.

In auth0-angular line ln587, it doesn’t seem to have a auth0js attached to the config:

auth.refreshIdToken = function(refresh_token) { var refreshTokenAsync = authUtils.promisify(config.auth0js.refreshToken, config.auth0js);…

Am I missing a step or is this a bug? Is auth.refreshIdToken(refreshToken) for lock 9 only? And if so, can someone show me by way of angular/JS how I would refresh the id_token using a valid refresh token given my setup please?


Angular SDK to use with Auth0
@version v4.2.7 - 2016-10-31
@author Martin Gontovnikas
@license MIT License, The MIT License | Open Source Initiative