Cannot handle token prior SSO implementation

Hi there, I am trying to integrate Auth0 and SSO into my web application and have successfully integrated basic auth/authorization flow. However, I am now trying to integrate SSO by making silent authentication requests when no local session is present and trying to check if a session is present in Auth0. If so, log the user in locally. I am using the PHP SDK and basic authorization code flow however I keep receiving the error in the title. The error makes sense as I have successfully logged in prior to the silent auth request. It seems like I quite don’t know the proper way to implement this feature. When making silent requests, how do you properly validate the JWT and it will have been created earlier when it was logged in.


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Hi @jonerickson Welcome to Auth0 Community

Without knowing too much details about your implementation it is hard to provide accurate answer.
However this error most likely is occurring due to clock skew in JWT expirations. Can you config leeway to larger value and try again?