Cannot find module 'uuid@3.1.0'

After searching on Redirecting to I started using 3.1.0 on a rule that is called every time the user does delegate/signin/signup.

In the logs I can see that half of the time I get the error

Cannot find module ‘uuid@3.1.0’

is it possible that some of your production nodes don’t have the version installed? can I do something to fix it?

I could not reproduce this situation by using a rule that requires uuid@3.1.0 and then uses it to generate an identifier that would be included in the issued token. I did the tests by performing repeated series of around 5 to 10 authentications requests and over the course of forty minutes; each series was spaced with around ten minutes so four series in total. This should have used more than one machine to process the total of requests and none of the requests failed.

If you can still reproduce the situation can you include the sample rule used and also specify in which region is your account located.