Sporadic error auth0@2.7.0 not found in rules

In one of my rules, I have to use the auth0 2.7.0 library and use it like so:

var AuthenticationClient = require('auth0@2.7.0').AuthenticationClient;

However, I’m getting sporadic errors saying it cannot find that module. Has anyone else had this problem?

As far as I’m aware, version 2.7.0 is still not available by default and as such it should not be used with rules or custom scripts (hooks would be an exception as they have the ability to specify a dependency on a given Node module). The fact that it worked some of the time is most likely an implementation detail that you should not depend on.

According to the link above auth0@2.6.0 is available; did you have a strong requirement for 2.7.0 or can you review if 2.6.0 as the required feature set and works as expected all the time.