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Can we use auth0.js without account?


Can we use the auth0.js script without having an account at I just need a client side library for handling OAuth2 in my single page app and want to use my own Auth Server.



@nickm auth0.js is not intended to be a general OAuth 2.0 or OIDC client and it isn’t tested against any instance besides Auth0’s Authorization Server. Though this may work, bear in mind that OAuth 2 is a framework and doesn’t prescribe a lot of the implementation details. Auth0’s implementation of OAuth2 may not implement the details in the same way. For example the token format maybe different. That said the SDK doesn’t contain any specific links back to So there is nothing hard coded pointing to us.

This SDK is an Auth0 SDK that supports OAuth 2.0 and OIDC functions, but also acts as a wrapper around the Auth0 Authentication API.

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