Can we link universal login page to application login page directly and how?

Please help us to understand the flow where end user is trying to register him self on the application page and as part of the OIDC integrated application as soon as user sign up the user will be redirected to auth0 page now here can we link universal login page with application page on auth0??

Hey there @ishan.pathak!

I’m not sure I fully understand your question, but you can make an /authorize request from anywhere in your application which will launch the universal login flow - Universal login also includes an option to signup.

You can also link directly to the signup flow within universal login by passing a screen_hint=signup parameter in the authorize request itself.

Hope this helps!

In our scenario,

1)Application is integrated to auth0 via OIDC.
2)We want to suppress the universal page and we want user to see the only application sign up/log in page. How to achieve this ? please share the steps or something that educate us.

Hey @ishan.pathak thanks for clarifying - It sounds like you might be interested in embedded login. Please note that this is not recommend as outlined in the documentation.

Thank you for your response. but to make you understand the question is bit different we are looking for disabling signup link on universal login page and wanted to know how to add link that point to the application page.

Hey @ishan.pathak you can disable signups on UL as follows:

I’m not sure I understand your requirement of adding a link that points to the application page.

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Thank you for your reply but in order to accomplish this we need your help. Kindly provide the configurations steps or something that can educate enough to do get us desired result.