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can not update firebase secret key



I’ve a new Firebase project and new Firebase service key.
I change my client (Auth0) and I update setting tab (addon Firebase), to endpoint on my new Firebase project.

Since, my token doesn’t work anymore, (aud field->show Auth0 project id instead Direbase project id?)

Also when I print from rule the configuration.FIREBASE_URL, it’s showing my old Firebase project and not the new one?


I might be missing something, but you state that you only updated your client application addon settings and then you were expecting that the configuration.FIREBASE_URL would be showing new information.

As far as I’m aware the properties available under the configuration object used in ruled need to be set in the the Rules main page as individual settings. If you’re using configuration.FIREBASE_URL in a rule and the URL changed then you need to update the rule settings (not the client application settings as those are not applicable for this particular use case). If I misunderstood the situation then try to clarify the exact situation by providing additional context as a question update.


Many Thanks for your answer !!!

After few days working with Auth0 and check features, I decided to move my authentification process into Firebase Auth platform.

It’s more logic for me because my database and my hosting comes from Firebase and Firebase Auth features is nearly similar to Auth0.