Can I use auth0 in a aws marketplace based app?

My app currently uses Okta and OneLogin php toolkit. A user starts my onelogin saml code from the browser. It uses the okta hosted login page. It takes the authenticated email, sticks it in a cookie and spawns my app which opens the cookie and starts.

Now i need to start my app from AWS. AWS posts a token, and then spawns okta/onelogin saml. But when i look in onelogin for the token, it is missing. I have also tried it without Okta/onelogin and having aws directly spawn my app, and i can see the token fine.

So i clearly must remove the okta/onelogin code and use auth0 instead. I have seen the auth0 login page. That is fine. But how can i get the users email and the aws token to my spawned app?

Someone else must be using auth0 and aws marketplace? How did you get this to work?