Can I make Lock show a username hint, similar to the password hint?

Is it possible to have Lock display a username popup format guide or hint tooltip to the user, similar to how it displays a password format guide, while the user is typing?

We would like to guide our users on how they should be selecting a correctly-formatted username.

Hi @zblocker_debtx thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately we do not offer that same popup functionality for the username/email field. You can however update the text that populates the username input field which you could use to show a properly formatted username. Information on that can be found here:

I hope this helps, apologies we don’t provide that type of tooling at present.


You can also always file in a feature request regarding your need, using our product feedback form here:

Make sure to add as much context around your usecase as possible.

Thank you; I’ll make use of that.

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Glad we were able to help!

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