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Can i implement LimitLogin?

i want to limit the number of login (different browser). Like LimitLogin (Windows)

Hey there!

Can you expand a little bit on your usecase? You want the limit to work the way that people can login to multiple different web browsers for limited number of logins? I would love to find out more about the usecase

i want to create subscription site(blog) using auth0. so one account can connect one browser.

To understand you better:

So if user login to our service using Chrome he/she should not be able to login using Safari for example until the logout from Chrome is that correct?

yes . i want to this.

Ok thanks for the context! Can you tell me which stack you wanna use?

i want LIFO way.thank you very much.

I meant the programming language of your choice.

sorry. i want to use php.

Okok. Let me perform some research and get back to you shortly with the resources we have - having in mind your requirements.

thank you for your kindness.

No worries! We’re here for you!

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I also have similar case.