Can Auth0 help with an OAuth 1.0a integration?

I’m trying to integrate Twitter into my website. I need users to be able to tweet images generated on my website. As you may know, Twitter uses OAuth 1.0a.

I understand that Auth0 can handle the process of getting an access token from Twitter. But that is really only maybe 30% of the work; for OAuth 1.0a, the real headache only starts after the access token has been granted. Specifically, the generation of the OAuth signature. Plus some other minor things like the nonce, timestamp, etc.

It would be great if Auth0 could handle those types of things. For example, it would be a dream come true if Auth0 provided an endpoint where I could simply send a Twitter endpoint, an HTTP message body, the access token, and the access token secret, and Auth0 could build a signed request out of those 4 things and send it off to Twitter. Especially because, as far as I understand, Auth0 is probably already generating those sorts of things in the process of getting the access token. As far as I can tell, Auth0 does not provide that kind of service, but I thought it would be worthwhile to double check.

Bump. FYI, Auth0 has some competitors who do what I need, but I would really prefer to use Auth0 if possible.

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So the only content we have on OAuth 1.0 you can find here:

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