Callback URL Mismatch between Salesforce and Auth0

I set up an Auth. Provider in Salesforce using Auth0 as the IdP. The auth. provider generated a callback URL for a Salesforce community, which I used as the callback URL in Auth0 configuration.

Callback URL:

But the Auth0 log shows this error:

Callback URL mismatch: is not in the list of allowed callback URLs

Adding to the callback URLs fixed the error. But notice the URL only has the org ID “00D4W000001Wwp7UAC”, nothing indicating the community. Of course, login to the community failed.

I also noticed that Salesforce did not generate Existing User Linking URLs for the Auth0 auth. provider. It should, as it does for other identity providers like Google and LinkedIn.

Hi Charlie,

My first question is: do you have a My Domain set up? There’s no reason the auth. provider should fail. Here’s my setup as an example.

As you can see I have community-specific URLs in there. Here’s what I have in my allowed callback URLs on the Auth0 side:
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David: Thanks! My config works once I aligned it with yours. You screen shot is a great reference. – Charlie

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Thanks for helping on this one David!