Bypass permissions


How can I bypass users accepting permissions for the app when signing up? How can I make this default so that any user logging in / signing up doesn’t get prompted to accept permissions and goes to straight to the app? The reason this came up because I am trying to access user_metadata and followed this tutorial:

Please let me know if there is any other simplified way of getting user_meta data for angular. I’m confused where to look.

Hey there!

Can I ask you to raise it as a GitHub issue in the quickstart repo so we can get that addressed directly by the repo maintainers which is the most effective way here? Once you have a link to it you can share it here so we can ping them. Thank you!

Hi @jerryforcode

Are you running this quickstart locally? If so, then please read more details here about consent and local development. link


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Yes it’s happening locally. thanks for sharing