How to ask for GitHub permissions and have corresponding access?

I have added GitHub integration via Auth0. It lets users to log into the app with the GitHub login/password, which is a great start. But it is pretty much useless at the moment as I don’t know how to ask for GitHub permissions to use specific GitHub integration and features. For example, I want to have read/write access to the users’ repositories. How can I display corresponding screen asking for that after logging in with Auth0?

Also I want to have corresponding access (after it has been granted by the user) in my app. Does Auth0 help with that? I found a way of using GitHub API with the help of API key. But that means the user needs to generate an API key by herself (every month or so!) and providing it to my app instead of granting access (just once) on a GitHub integration permission screen after the login.

As I understand, Auth0 should theoretically provide the necessary means for a successful integration access granting, but, unfortunately, I could not find corresponding resources on a way to making it work.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @altern,

Apologies for the delayed response.

You are looking for Identity Provider Access Tokens. These tokens allow you interact with Identitiy Provider APIs, in this case GitHub APIs.

You can select the permissions in the connection setting in the dashboard. Here is an example:

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