Bulk user-export job returns invalid AWS S3 URL

Hi! I’m unable to export users from my tenant using the V2 management API. I can successfully (using GitHub - auth0/node-auth0: Node.js client library for the Auth0 platform.):

  • Get a token
  • Call the users export job endpoint, returning a job ID
  • Wait for the job to complete, which returns a location field, looks to be a signed S3 file.

However AWS says the token (in the location field) is either malformed or invalid. This is true regardless of CSV or JSON format being selected. What’s more confusing, is that using either the ‘user import/export extension’, or calling the API via the Auth0 Management API v2 UI, the location field in Chrome downloads a file called <tenant>.circ, which is some unknown binary format.

I’ve also tried creating an entirely new tenant, with 2 users and trying to export. Same results.


Edit: Full repro steps below

  • Create Tenant (US, Dev)
  • Crate 2 users (DB)
  • Create Application, add Auth0 Management API API to it
  • Copy “Getting an access token for your API” curl command and exec, copy token
  • Navigate to Auth0 Management API v2, “SET API TOKEN” and paste the token
  • Back in tenant settings, go to “Authentication” → “Database” → “Username-Password_Authentication”
    • Copy DB ID (looks like con_<alpha-numberic>)
  • post_users_exports paste the below into “Paramaters” and click “TRY”.
  "connection_id": "<copied from previous step>",
  "format": "csv",
  "limit": 5,
  "fields": [
      "name": "email",
      "export_as": "email"
  • Copy the job_id field (looks like job_<alpha-numeric>)
  • get_jobs_by_id and paste the job ID into the id parameter. Click "TRY’
  • Copy the location field (looks like a signed URL to an S3 bucket) into Chrome.
  • Downloads some binary fine. Same things happens if you use the import/export plugin.

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