Bulk user export: include permissions


I’m using the bulk user export feature of the management API to export the users. Our customer now wants to include the permissions of each user in the export, but I couldn’t find a way to do that.

According to the documentation of what is included in the user profile, permissions are not included.

I thought to maybe using a rule to copy the permissions to the app_metadata field of the user profile and use that, but this is not good enough for us, since users sometimes not login for several weeks or months and we want the export to be ‘as-is-now’.

Any idea’s on how to achieve this?

Hi @brecht.laitem,

You will need to export the permissions using the management API. You can get a users permissions via this endpoint.

If you are using roles it may be more efficient to get a role’s users then get the role’s permissions and compare against your users.

Just be aware of the Management API rate limits.

Hi Dan.

Thank you for the fast response, altough iterating all the users is a no-go because as you mentioned the API rate limits. Just to much users in our database and it would be too slow also.

Using roles might be a better solutions, but requires some rewrite of the current implementation.

I really don’t get why this information isn’t exposed in the bulk export service.

If you aren’t using roles, exporting them via the first option I mentioned would be the best choice.

The management API rate limits are pretty generous. For example, a Developer subscription in production has a rate limit of 50 requests/second. It should take ~100 seconds to export 5000 users, for example.

If this is something you plan on doing on a consistent basis, you can always submit a Feature Request.

Hope that helps

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