Bulk Export should provide all fields by default

Feature: Bulk Export should provide all fields by default

Description: The Bulk Export extension/API is positioned as an alternative to the primary GET Users API. The documentation specifically recommends it for large data exports.

From Retrieve Users with the Get Users Endpoint

If you need a complete export of all of your users, use the export job or the User Import / Export extension.

We do not recommend that you use this endpoint for:
* User exports. Instead, use the User Export endpoint.

There is a key limitation on Bulk Export API though – you must specify exactly which fields you want to export. If you do not set the fields parameter, then you only get a small subset of the user profile data. If I do set it, there is also a cap of 30 fields max on the parameter. The GET Users API has a similar fields parameter, but by default if it is omitted it will export all fields associated with a given user.

This discrepancy defeats the purpose of the Bulk Export API. If I actually want to do a full user export, the API is not sufficient. There is no guarantee it will give me all the data. I cannot know all possible exportable fields a priori (Auth0 may add new fields, dynamic new fields may come from external IdPs, etc.)

Bulk Export should have the same functionality as GET Users where omitting the fields param allows you to export the full user profile. Otherwise it seems the only robust option for user export is to repeatedly poll the GET Users endpoint

Use-case: I am trying to build some tooling around Auth0 user export / import to support disaster recovery and automated environment creation.

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