Branding & Workflows - Verification and Forgot Password

Hi. When a verification email or a password reset email gets sent, how is the branding of the related Auth0 screens/widgets set? Do these pages automatically follow the Universal Login branding setup ?

  • Email Verified
  • Forgot Your Password?
  • Check Your Email
  • Change Your Password
  • Link Expired
  • Password Changed!

Some of these screens have a “Back to Auth0 Dashboard” link in them. I don’t want to show that or at least change the wording. How can I change it?

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Hey there!

So we’ve got two aspects to cover actually. The first one is how is the branding of the related Auth0 screens / widgets set?

  • When you go to your Auth0 account → Branding → Email Templates you can see that by default the templates are in English and there you can set other languages

Second thing is screens with “Back to Auth0 Dashboard” link that you’d like to change. Not sure if those are customisable as I’ve never done that but if they are for sure the way to modify them would be that endpoint:

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