Branding Changes are Not Reflected on All Screens when Using Auth0 Terraform Provider

Problem statement

Branding changes (e.g., Logo, Font, Color, etc.) are reflected on all screens except the consent screen. Only the consent screen reflects an old branding.

Branding changes are only applied by Terraform, not from the Auth0 dashboard. New Universal Login is used.


The cause of this issue is the Organization Branding is applied to the consent page, while all other login screens reflect the Tenant Theme and Tenant Branding.


To resolve the issue, update the Organization Branding.
The branding settings take the following priority. Organization Branding is the highest precedence, Tenant Theme is the second, and Tenant Branding is the least priority. The Auth0 Terraform provider interacts with the Auth0 Management API to configure an Auth0 Tenant. Here is each branding setting along with the corresponding Auth0 Terraform provider’s resource and Management API endpoint.


  1. Organization Branding
  1. Tenant Theme
  1. Tenant Branding