Blocked accounts and MFA resets

Blocked accounts and MFA resets

Hey there community!

If you come across issue with having your account blocked and being unable to login or you want to request an MFA reset, feel free to send a private message to @konrad.sopala or @dan.woda in order to handle that. Make sure to attach the info mentioned in this FAQ:

Filing a MFA Reset Request:

Please do follow this steps once you need to make such request

If you are using a free plan

  • Send @konrad.sopala or @dan.woda a private message with
    • Your tenant name
    • Email of a user you request the reset for
    • Tenant admin email address
    • Short info on what happened
  • After we receive it and do some checks we’ll need to confirm you identity
  • Once it’s confirmed on behalf of you we’ll open a support ticket and someone from our Developer Support Team will do the final reset for you

If you are a paying customer (developer, developer pro, enterprise plans)

  • Open a support ticket filling every info that you feel is needed, describing what happened and attaching your tenant name and tenant admin email address
  • From then on someone from Developer Support Team will confirm your identity and handle the rest for you.

Thank you!


I’m happy to help as needed! :slight_smile:


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