Blocked Account email, contains empty liquid syntax strings

When out brute force has been activated, and the user receives a mail, it appers that no geo-location is added to the user object.
The syntax is copied from the example, and only localized.
When the user receives the mail, only the source_ip contains any data.

This happens on both private and public cloud tenants.

          <p>Nogen har netop forsøgt at benytte dit Login fra:<br>
            IP-adressen: <strong>{{ user.source_ip }}</strong><br>
            By: <strong>{{ }}, {{ }}</strong>

When reading the documentation ( Blocked account doc, the fields ought to be present when generating the mail, but only the ip address contains any data.

Any ideas if this is something on our end, or is there a general lack of geo-ip data in the mail?

Hey there @mihw_dk,

Do you have an example we can take a look at? Any more details we can snag on this front is appreciated. Thanks!

What kind of example are you looking for?
A copy of the mail recievied?

All of the mails we send, seem to not have any data in the fields {{ }}, {{ }} and therefore appear blank in the resulting mail.

The user profile does not use these fields, but it is my understanding as per the documentation, that they ought to contain geo-ip data in the event of a blocked account.

This behaviour has been noticed on both our public as well as private cloud instances

Oh, thats odd - the geo-ip data seems to be back now

We had them removed from our mails, as they appeared flawed when the fields were empty.
I just tried to un-comment the section to create an example, and they re-appeared now…

Could this have something to do, with the recent upgrade of our private cloud environment?

Good morning @mihw_dk, I’m glad to hear it’s back and working! I would be happy to look into this further on what may have occurred. Can you direct message me your tenant? Thanks in advance!

Following up @mihw_dk, after talking with our team it sounds like the latest upgrade would have triggered the Geo IP to work as expected as seen by the release notes below:

This means when you initially migrated over to private cloud you may have seen the blip in Geo IP services from your previous public cloud instance.

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