Blank Screen after Google Social Login with Non-Organization User

Problem statement

When a user who is not included in the organization tries to log in via Google, the callback redirect happens with error details, but the screen is blank even when production keys are set up for Google social login.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Use the quickstart guide for nextjs to get it running on the computer.
  2. Set up Google Social Login on the dashboard.
  3. Attempt to log in with an application with organizations set to ‘Business Users’ with a user that is not part of an organization.
  4. The customer expected a default error page.


This is the default error handler of the nextjs SDK, all it does is return the status code and log the error to the console.


  • This behavior can be overridden by specifying an onError handler - more info here.
  • Also, please check this Github issue that helped with the implementation for a different user.