Biometrics Only Instead of Identifier + Biometrics ❗

On mobile apps logging on Native devices doesn’t carry over session to Webview when trying to launch mobile based web views. Non-persistent, never expiring Auth0 session cookies not a solution. Users should be able to login with minimum number of clicks when using biometrics.
I researched lots of Auth0 customers, downloaded the apps to see how they are implementing Auth0 Biometrics, well I see that most of them dont use it at all. Making it simpler, like how everyone else does would help.

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Thanks for creating this feedback card! Make sure to upvote it so that it gets as much attention from others as possible! We review those feedback cards on a monthly basis and will let you know once we have any updates on that front. Thank you!

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I am also looking to implement this in our project. The native bio metrics flow is very frustrating.

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We are also interested in this feature.

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