Best method for signup notifications - Webhooks or EventBridge?

Hi there,

We’re getting started integrating our AWS backend with auth0 at the moment, and I see there are a couple of ways to get activity notifications (user signUp etc) back to our core. Namely webhooks, and the aws eventBridge partner source.
I’ve configured an eventBus for all tenants and am receiving the events.

My questions are:

Is there a preferred or most reliable method for receiving these notifications? webhooks or Events?
Is the auth0 events delivery a ‘best effort’ or a bullet proof delivery method?

If we can be assured that both options are equally reliable, then we’ll probably go with Events.
As you can imagine, these notifications are not something we’d want to miss.

Any information or community experience would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

Hi @auth017,

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It sounds like the EventBridge integration would fit your architecture from what you have described here, although it seems like either solution would work.

As for whether or not it is bulletproof ; there is built-in resiliency. Specifically:

Auth0 events are delivered to AWS via a streaming mechanism that sends each event as it is triggered in our system. If EventBridge is unable to receive the event, we will retry up to three times to deliver the event; otherwise, we will log the failure to deliver in our system, and you will be able see these failures in the Health tab for your log stream.

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Thanks Dan, much appreciated

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No problem! Let me know if you have any questions.

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